5 Projects That Can Improve Your Home's Value

5 Projects That Can Improve Your Home's Value

Looking to increase the value of your home? How about as much as 20% ??? Take a closer look at 5 different categories of outdoor projects that you can add to your home or property that could make a huge impact on resale value..



Landscape lighting can be one of the most simple additions to your home or property that can make the biggest impact! Something as simple as highlighting your landscape, or the front of your home with a few small up-lights can make your properties curb appeal that much more desirable. Installation is can be simple, or complex based on your desire. Todays technology allows cool features like; color changing lights, multi-zone configurations, automated timers, and smart phone control!




Adding a fence is another easy addition to your outdoor landscape that can add great value to your home or property. In addition fences are excellent visual and sound barriers from neighboring homes and other surroundings. Fences come in many varieties such as Wood, PVC, Cast Iron, and much more.




While both decks and patios are more extensive projects, they both offer many great additions to your property. One of the most desirable features of any home is the outdoor living space. Adding a deck or patio add a variable ROI, anywhere from 30 to 70 percent on your resale value. Popular patios and decks serve as extensions of living space, with furniture, party areas and even kitchens as part of the mix.




Spaces to cook outdoors are very popular and have a whopping ROI. These spaces often feature room to entertain and furniture in which to sit and eat. The lower end ROI could be achieved with fire pits or barbecues if the deck or patio is convenient to the inside kitchen. These are one of the more expensive hardscaping projects. Contractors will be required to make sure electricity, plumbing and water lines are installed properly. Permits will also likely be required, which can add both time and money.




Water features are some of the most desirable, but uncommon features of a landscape. They are found few, and far between but when they are installed correctly, they can provide a great deal of desire and value. The mixture of landscape lighting, and water features are an excellent blend of landscape enhancements.



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