Husqvarna L221A

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Husqvarna L221A


The new 21" 15-gauge steel high performance cutting deck from Husqvarna integrates the latest advancements in technology and development with traditional design, providing a hi-tunnel mower intended to meet the highest expectations in cutting performance. For some mowers, a large capacity bag might be a challenge, but when your mower is powered with Husqvarna's All-Wheel-Drive there's more than enough capability to carry a full load; through thick turf and other challenging terrains. Equipped with engineered tread and All-Wheel-Drive with the added benefit of improved unit balance, these new mowers are sure to please from the postage-stamp yard professional to the rural weekend warrior.

  • Motor/engine manufacturer


  • Drive system

    All-wheel drive

  • Cutting width

    21 in

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Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its design and features.

All-wheel drive

This exclusive and industry leading AWD system automatically shifts between 2- and 4-wheel drive and locks the front and rear differentials. No buttons or levers needed. The result is full traction and superiour performance in all turf conditions, on pavements and off road. The system also make sure turf damage is minimal.

Adjustable handle

Handle height is vertically adjustable to fit the individual.

Straight bag through handle

The un-interrupted space between the handles makes bag removal easy.

3 position handle height adjustment

Quick and easy adjustment of the handle in three different heights.

  • Soft grip
  • Water hose connection
  • Double bolted handle
  • 3 position handle height adjustment

Soft grip

Soft grip handle for comfortable use